Project Arts & Ideas creates the interpretive voice in exhibits, visitor centers, outdoor exhibits. Since 1997, we have guided projects from the client's core goals through planning, development, design, writing and production management to the exciting moment that the exhibit's voice is heard.

Within the variety of our exhibit projects are common threads of success - spatial and visual themes inspired by a broad range of references; designs that understand the needs and responses of visitors; strong spatial and visual formats that create continuity and identity; command of both verbal and non-verbal communication; creative sense of architecture and scale.

There is a connection between a good process and a good product. Project Arts & Ideas values the creative process in collaborative efforts that give form to ideas.

Joseph Hines, Principal brings varied experience of applied arts to interpretive exhibitry. Before his graduate studies in communication design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he worked in archeology in North and South America, in field excavations and as illustrator, photographer and filmmaker. In Chicago, he produced his first exhibit project for the Center for American Archeology, and as a graduate thesis project he designed a 10-acre interpretive nature center amidst the canals west of the city.

In museum experience in Illinois and Alabama he created exhibit presentations of precious collections and ideas, later designing "Clockwork" and the centerpiece "Henry's Story" exhibition at The Henry Ford (formerly Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village) in Dearborn, Michigan.

Mr. Hines' contributions to the field go beyond creative projects with clients. He has conducted research in visitor behavior, has made many presentations to professional groups and has taught Museum Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He received funding from CCS to return to South America to study megalithic Inca sites as expressive human environments. The resulting photo exhibit, "Between Power and Spirit: Sacred Spaces in Ancient Peru," is presented at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History.